The representative office in Munich

With the renewal and modernization of our website, we would also like to create regular blog posts for you starting today. Here we will inform you about current news, events, messages from different industries and helpful articles for your business.

But, who are we actually?

In 2011, our founder Maria Tsertsidis came up with the idea for the representative office in Munich and in 2012 the concept was already implemented. Starting with one floor and two apartments, some customers became aware of us, so we have expanded significantly within the last ten years.

Meanwhile, we are working with:

  • five floors for office rentals with over 30 offices,
  • six furnished apartments,
  • a wide range of virtual office solutions,
  • a wide range of services,
  • and three meeting rooms.

Currently, expansions are planned and the representative office in Munich will grow steadily.

What is our task?

What do we actually do all day and what are we committed to? The most important thing first: We are there for you.

That is our main task and our biggest goal. We want to make your work easier in any way we can: whether with a virtual office solution, a telephone service, mail acceptance, parcel forwarding, preparatory accounting, a modern feel-good office, or a simple coffee.

Creativity through partnership.

With a location at the representative office and our flexible services, you can focus your company‘s attention on the really important tasks – and we‘ll take care of the rest.

And how exactly can we help you?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to list all our services here, so feel free to go to our offer. Here is a short version of what we can do for you, giving your company a strong, professional, and successful personality.

Success through personality.

  • Friendly reception staff to greet your customers,
  • Receiving and processing mail,
  • Answering and conducting telephone calls,
  • Digitizing and filing your documents,
  • Preparatory accounting,
  • Preparation and follow-up of meetings, events, or projects,
  • Personal assistance.

Make founding ideas come true.

Now we have introduced ourselves enough and hope that you have taken a good look at our offer, so that we can help your company to a terrific success!

Vanessa Metz
Executive Assistant